Storytelling always wins

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In the past year, I’ve scored highly in two pitch rounds in an entrepreneurship program and I don’t deserve it. Okay, my pitches are clear, concise, and direct. They address the most important criteria in an elevator pitch: the problem, the goal, and the audience. I also delivered them confidently, despite my stuttering speech impediment.

On paper, winning these pitch rounds could make sense but it’s not with faux-humility that I say I shouldn’t have won.

So, what’s the problem then?

They were safe.

Playing it safe as an entrepreneur is like mixing oil with water. It doesn’t work. Safe…

I suffered extreme side-effects from a date-rape drug to realize this.

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It was 6pm on a Friday and I looked forward to starting the weekend with some much-needed sleep. I crawled into bed and I was out like a light. The next day I woke up at 11pm, extremely groggy and crazed. I wanted to get back into bed for several more hours but I had to pee. I was also hungry. Damn, I thought, roofies should be outlawed.

Thank God I was safely at home and not at a random bar.

The day before, a GP had given me a controversial prescription for Rohypnol to help me deal with stress…

Here’s how to launch personalized marketing campaigns without repeating these mistakes

Coke can written “Share a Coke with Kele”
Coke can written “Share a Coke with Kele”
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A few years ago, saw an 870% spike in traffic. The brand welcomed 25 million new Facebook fans and the marketing team celebrated.

This was the result of a unique marketing campaign that highlighted an interesting fact about people: we love to see our names on things. Our name is our identity. We associate our name with a sense of ownership and belonging, which drives brand loyalty.

Some of the biggest brands in the world have caught onto this marketing ‘trick.’

Coca-Cola kicked-off their unforgettable #ShareACoke campaign in 2011. …

This secret superfood has as much protein as quinoa but costs a tiny fraction of the price.

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Every morning as I trod downstairs to make my weird, eyebrow-raising cup of coffee, I find a large pot bubbling away on the stovetop. I peek inside and the smell quickly fills up my nostrils and my mouth waters. Our housekeeper is making porridge for breakfast, or as it’s known in my part of the world, motogo.

Like everyone in Botswana and most of Southern Africa, I’ve been eating motogo my whole life. Since I started taking on solid foods as a baby. It most likely was the very first food I tasted, after milk.

As I began a lifetime…

It’s not humility if it’s rooted in a lack of self-worth.

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Recently, I was approached for a short-term freelance gig with an offer that was lower than my usual rate. For days I was seriously debating whether or not I should take the job or not.

What would be the long-term gains? Why do I want to say no? Should I just swallow my pride so I’m considered for more work in the future? Do I just lack enough self-belief to state what my time was worth?

Tsk, tsk, tsk, said my alter-ego as she shook her head at me as I tossed everything in my mind.

All this reflecting in…

How to avoid messy break-ups in business

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CUT!”, the director called out and on-cue, everyone on set erupted into thundering applause. It was 3AM and we were exhausted. We had just wrapped (Hollywood-speak for “finished”) the last scene and at that moment, I felt a huge boulder fall off my shoulders. I went over, hugged the director and the actors, and then I retreated to a corner of the room and cried like a baby.

Emotions aren’t particularly out of place in this workplace- it is showbiz after all, but in my case, it felt different. All the tension I’d been carrying over the past week finally…

No worries. I was wondering what was up coz Ive published with the pub before! Thanks for clearing it up!

Here’s what to do instead to win them over

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I recently wrote an article to help people pitch their startups in an engaging and unforgettable way in 30-60 seconds. Elevating the elevator pitch. Your pitch is engaging, moving, and tells a memorable story. Great, you’ve nailed the elevator pitch down! You achieved what you set out to do: to be called back into the room.

They loved you and want you to pitch them a more detailed presentation. This is usually where many entrepreneurs stumble because they haven’t mapped out how to navigate a longer 15–25 min presentation. Pitching is like driving down a curvy dirt road not cruising…


All earnings of this article will go to supporting AAPI communities

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I grew up in Beijing and China has a strong place in my heart. It was a wonderful place for an African girl to grow up in the ’90s. I have fond memories of making jiăo zi (饺子) with my Āyí (阿姨) in our apartment. I think of my Āyí every time I read about the victims of the Atlanta spas. And my heart breaks. This article is dedicated to them.

As we all know, over the past year, there’s been an alarming spike in racist and terror attacks on Asian communities around the world. CNN has reported a 149%…

How to be a better friend to your heartbroken friend .

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Let’s call him Mr. X. I was up half the night, tossing and turning because I couldn’t stop thinking about him. Every now and then he pops into my mind like an intruder. Usually, it’s spurred on by something I’ve watched on TV and a single trigger like that can start me down the dangerous rabbit hole of reliving memories of Mr. X.

More accurately, obsessing.

Earlier on, post-breakup getting over him was hard. It seemed like no one could help me and worse, I couldn’t help myself. My friends tried, bless their hearts.

My friends meant well. They love…

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BA Commerce. Actor + Entrepreneur from Botswana with over 50 different passport stamps. New Yorker at heart. Believer that everything tastes better with butter.

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