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Actor, writer + accidental entrepreneur with over 50 different passport stamps. Botswana-born New Yorker who believes that everything tastes better with butter.

The hidden side of the work from anywhere epidemic that millennials are falling for hook, line, and sinker.

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The idea of working a 40-hour workweek can cause a 20 to 30 something-year-old to run kicking and screaming to the far ends of the earth. We get gag reflex just from the notion of clocking in at 8am on Monday morning, grabbing a sandwich during a specified lunch hour, and joining the mad rush of commuters back home at 5pm.

Then, rinse and repeat for four more days till the glorious mini-escape of the weekend rolls around.

I’ll admit, even writing about it makes me a little nervous and uncomfortable.

The monotony? Routine? Job security and benefits?

These are…

A better strategy for creators to convert leads: Workshops

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I’m sick of webinars. Every budding entrepreneur and digital startup has a webinar now to funnel you to buy their product.

They advertise it under the pretense of a ‘free’ masterclass where somehow, miraculously in only 60 to 90-minutes you will gain enough value to pivot your life and become as successful as them.

Auto-webinars in particular are the worst. I cleared space in my calendar for you. At least do me the courtesy of showing up live.

It needs to stop. And thank God audiences are starting to wisen up, creators are slowly stepping up their game, and the…

Storytelling always wins

Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash

In the past year, I’ve scored highly in two pitch rounds in an entrepreneurship program and I don’t deserve it. Okay, my pitches are clear, concise, and direct. They address the most important criteria in an elevator pitch: the problem, the goal, and the audience. I also delivered them confidently, despite my stuttering speech impediment.

On paper, winning these pitch rounds could make sense but it’s not with faux-humility that I say I shouldn’t have won.

So, what’s the problem then?

They were safe.

Playing it safe as an entrepreneur is like mixing oil with water. It doesn’t work. Safe…

Here’s how to launch personalized marketing campaigns without repeating these mistakes

Coke can written “Share a Coke with Kele”
Image by author

A few years ago, saw an 870% spike in traffic. The brand welcomed 25 million new Facebook fans and the marketing team celebrated.

This was the result of a unique marketing campaign that highlighted an interesting fact about people: we love to see our names on things. Our name is our identity. We associate our name with a sense of ownership and belonging, which drives brand loyalty.

Some of the biggest brands in the world have caught onto this marketing ‘trick.’

Coca-Cola kicked-off their unforgettable #ShareACoke campaign in 2011. …

When it’s a choice between progress and emotions are we ready to leave our feelings at the door?

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

The idea that you can have the extraordinary progress and success you desire whilst hanging onto the familiarity of excuses and emotional baggage is funny. Crazy, even.

We yearn for success. We dream about it but we’re not making much progress because we’re neglecting an important piece of the puzzle. If we’d simply take a step back we’d realize we’re spinning our wheels.

Our inability to gain traction is because we’re not ready to let go of our emotions and excuses. …

As seen in Forbes, Tech Crunch, and CNBC, this millennial’s strategies were simple but hyper-focused. Now she’s a media giant.

Source: Forbes

At 2:15 pm on a hot Saturday in 2014, Michael Brown was walking down the street in his hometown of Ferguson, Missouri. It was a summer afternoon and he was on his way to his grandmother’s house. He never arrived.

Michael Brown was a young, Black teenager and was due to start college that fall. That fateful August 9th, an unarmed Brown encountered a White police officer who shot and killed him. The cop fired 12 rounds.

Over the course of that weekend, 24-year-old Morgan Debaun, an executive at a Silicon Valley startup, noticed Brown’s killing wasn’t even trending on…

A simple guide to manifesting the life you were created to live

Photo by That’s Her Business on Unsplash

In between scenes on his talk show, Steve Harvey would preach. He’s not an ordained pastor but he used the opportunity of being on stage in front of a captive audience to share life advice and answer their burning questions. They’d bring their relationship dramas to him and he’d give his opinion that was often based on his own personal experience.

His motivational sounds bites get millions of views on Youtube because he’s funny, a sharp-shooter, and draws from personal experience. One of his most popular clips is his message on the imagination. …

Reserving the right to shut up is an art that few have mastered in a world of free speech. Learn how.

Photo by Jonaorle from Pexels

There was way too much conversation in the digital zeitgeist about Matthew Perry’s behavior in the Friends reunion special. You couldn’t avoid a press headline highlighting it. Everyone wanted to discuss it. I even received a message from a close friend who wanted to dissect how odd he apparently acted.

He was critiqued and bashed in the media. Of course, there were the usual suspects who contributed to the conversation: online trolls.

In case we’ve forgotten, trolling on the internet is as ground-breakingly lame as wearing florals in spring.

Then there were the well-intentioned, pro-mental health advocates who rose to…

Attention content creators: stop getting into bed with just anyone. Here’s what you need to know before your next collaboration

Photo by KoolShooters from Pexels

If only I had a million followers.

It’d be so much easier if I had better equipment.

It’s so hard to build a loyal audience.

I just need (insert favorite influencer) to give me a shoutout.

At some point, at least one of these thoughts has crossed a creator’s mind as they struggle to create content. They fantasize how much easier it’d be to build their thing if they had dope connections and thousands of die-hard followers.

They don’t realize they don’t need all those things. Not yet anyway.

It sucks when no one watches, reads, and engages with our…

Use these tips to change the way you work forever

By J.ébey — Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

A few years ago I woke up one sunny Tuesday morning to a phone call from a private number.

— Hello, may I speak to Kele Mogotsi please?

— Speaking.

This is Ms. Anonymous from Anonymous-R-Us casting office. We’d like to reschedule you for the film shoot. Are you available on Wednesday?

Oh sure, no worries.

Great. Unfortunately, Beyoncé isn’t feeling well so we need to reschedule.

— (long pause) Um…. (cough). No problem, I understand. I’ll be there on Wednesday.

She confirmed more details with me and then hung up. I lay in bed, completely still…

Kele Mogotsi

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